In Search of Black Power.

In Search of Black Power is a podcast on Black politics, Black culture, and Black life. We combine analysis on cutting edge Black scholarship with real-world examples from activist work and fun storytelling, with the goal of questioning the assumptions behind contemporary conversations around race. We hope that by asking better questions, we as a community can find better answers on how to improve the conditions of African people worldwide. In Search of Black Power is part of New Timbuktu, a cooperative learning community hosted by Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle in Baltimore.

Episode #13  The Assata Mixtape

Episode #14  Puerto Rico On The Map- An Interview With Rosa Clemente

Episode #15  Us – A Spooky Social Justice Analysis – Part 1

Episode #16  Us – A Spooky Social Justice Analysis – Part 2

Episode #17  South Africa: Revolution vs. Mandela Mythology

Episode #18  Elections Special: Worse than Trump – White Supremacy and the Democratic Party

Episode #19  The Public Health Hustle (Part 1) – Africa, Bill Gates and the Politics of Expertise

Episode #20 The Myth of Black Buying Power w/ Dr. Jared Ball

Episode #21 Election 2020: Settler Colonialism vs. NeoImperialism