Meet our Team.

One aspect of New Timbuktu’s strategic objective is to elevate builders, scholars and thinkers in our community who are trying to transform the conditions of our people. Take a look at some of the dynamic people who contribute to the platform.

Lawrence Grandpre, Editor In Chief

New Timbuktu is creatively and intellectually driven by Lawrence Grandpre – who serves as the Creative Director.

Lawrence Grandpre is also the Director of Research for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle wherein he provides the research needed to facilitate effective political awareness campaigns, organized civil demonstrations, community education events and legislative advocacy efforts for policy reforms that impact Black people in Baltimore. Lawrence was a Maxy award recipient at Whitman College, where he competed on the school’s debate team. Thereafter, he coached college debate national champions as a Research Assistant at Towson University and high school debate national champions as a Debate Coach at his alma mater, Baltimore City College High School.

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Dayvon Love, Contributor

Dayvon Love is Director of Research and Public Policy for LBS. Dayvon is a resident of Northwest Baltimore City and graduate of Towson University majoring in African and African American Studies. In 2008, Dayvon became a collegiate debate champion at the CEDA National Tournament. This was the first time in history that an all black team won the tournament. Dayvon has a lot of experience with grassroots activism in the Baltimore community. He has given numerous speeches and led workshops around Baltimore to give insight into the plight of the masses of Baltimore citizens.

A. Adar Ayira, Contributor

A. Adar Ayira is a facilitator and trainer on racial equity and has provided presentations, facilitations, and training for nonprofits, corporations, and community groups in the region. As a facilitator with Baltimore Racial Justice Action, Adar continues to strengthen her analysis through internal work (with external accountability) and through analyzing trends/manifestations of white supremacy/racism and its impact on society.


We have a growing pool of diverse and prolific thought leaders from around the United States contributing to the New Timbuktu Platform. As we grow, we’ll be showcasing their work here. Check back to see who’s writing for us!