Our Mission.

New Timbuktu is an online platform linking academic analysis and political pragmatism to promote emancipatory possibilities for thriving Black communities.

Our Vision.

The New Timbuktu Platform is an initiative designed to function as a grassroots intervention into the academy. The platform began in 2014 under the leadership of Lawrence Grandpre, the Director of Research for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS), and is oriented towards molds of scholarship and analysis that accurately reflect the lived reality of Black life in America. And thus the online learning community reorients scholarship towards the production of material benefits for oppressed people. Drawing on community organizing, political advocacy, and intercollegiate policy debate experiences, The New Timbuktu Platform seeks to create dialogues between community activists, citizen scholars, and professional academics that offer unique perspectives for both activism and academia.

Theory of New Timbuktu.

In a world where it has become in vogue to talk about race, equality, and struggle, it seems harder and harder to truly understand the complex dynamics which impact our lives. Social media has increased visibility of oppression and given millions a platform to discuss issues, but has often created a shallow pool analysis which fails to understand the complex history of radical Black struggle and the complicated, at times, counterintuitive realities of how power works.

Rather than add to the increasing deluge of hot, pop culture centered takes on race relations, the New Timbuktu Platform seeks to synthesize the cutting edge academic experience with real-world practical experience to create unique insights on how to advance social justice in an increasingly complex world.